The Committee is composed of members elected by the general assembly and usually consists of six to eight persons (president, vice-president, managing director and three to five advisory members). There is no assignment of areas of responsibility. Projects and tasks are assigned individually. There are no regular committee meetings. Larger projects and topics are discussed during ad hoc meetings or the during the general assembly. All necessary clarifications are made via e-mail and telephone. All committee members perform their duties free of charge.

The primary tasks of the board consist in identifying, arousing and representing interests.

Aleksandra Razborsek, Adlikon b. Regensdorf

Noinha Cattaneo, Hittnau

Managing Director
Mladen Sirol, Zürich

Committee member / Volleyball Team Manager
Bujar Qehaja, Winterthur

Committee member
Marco Rizzi, Zürich

Committee member
Camil Mulalic, Effretikon

Committee member
Naomi Frank, Zürich

Committee member
Anca Domenig - Teodorescu, Zürich