About us, very briefly!

Mladen Sirol

Founder / Chairman of the Board of Directors

There is a saying:
"You have as many lives as the number of languages you speak" (Goethe)
So there's a lot more to come !

Born in one country, grown up in two other countries and lived in many others. Languages are not only my profession, they have shaped my life from the very beginning and are still omnipresent.

My language skills, coupled with my life experience and my professional career, are an unbeatable team!


Aleksandra Razborsek

Managing Director / Member of the Board of Directors

I grew up and went to school in Germany. I studied in Serbia and out of love for my husband, I moved to Switzerland!

Though I grew up as a bilingual native speaker, for a long time, languages were not my first priority in life. Following the 2 years of my studies in mechanical engineering, I decided to put a stop and opted for German studies at the University of Belgrade. By then it was clear to me that I had found my calling. And I have dedicated myself to this passion ever since!

I live for and love my languages. I try to use them efficiently as working tools and like to share my experience with others.


Alessandra Sirol

Deputy Managing Director / Member of the Board of Directors

The apple does not fall far from the tree! When both parents interpret and translate, languages have an important impact on the life of their offspring.

Due to my multicultural ancestry I grew up amongst a variety of cultures and languages.
My journey has taught me time and again the importance of proper communication.

That is why I decided to study Business Communication – to me, these studies are the perfect combination of language, culture and entrepreneurship.